Social Media Management

You are your brand and in today’s world you are expected to be active on social media.  Let us assist you so you have more time to write.

We will consult with you to find out your goals and to get the maximum exposure for your brand. We help with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Our full-service social media management package shares your blog content, sales, new releases, and engages your readers in your voice.

      • Include: 1-2 posts a day (M-F)
      • Like, comment, respond to messages
    • Monitor members and remove spam and harassing followers

Pricing is $100 per month per social media outlet.

Add Facebook Group Management for $50 per month

  • Qualify members requesting to join
  • Filter pending member requests
  • Remove problem members – If you have an issue (such as harassment or spamming) with particular members in your group, we can remove them, as well as their past activity.
  • Keep group active and engaged by posting multiple times a week.

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