March Sci-Fi & Fantasy List Building Promotion

It’s time to build that list!

But not only are we doing your newsletter list building through Bookfunnel, we’re also focusing on Bookbub followers with this promotions.

Let’s come at this like a standard invite –

Who: Authors of Sci-Fi and Fantasy – subgenres listed below! We’ll take care of branding that part of the promotion.

What: A month-long promotion to push possible subscribers to your books as well as to follow you on Bookbub. This is huge for new release announcements on their site as well as preorder announcements when you get that feature (you need 1000 followers to get that one!)

When: March 15 through April 14 of 2019

Where: All over! You’ll be required to send to your already established list, post on Facebook and Twitter and anywhere else you are. What we’ll do is boost posts on our end, take out some Facebook ads, as well as push this within our network! Which isn’t small, people!

Cost: A simple $60 will get you all of this plus graphics you can share around.

The best thing?

The promotion you select is niched down to fit your brand. We’re not lumping all the holiday stories together, nope. We’re niching down so the readers who sign up know what they’re getting and this will help with warmer subscribers from the GET GO!


We can’t guarantee a certain number of subscribers for you but the ones you get to set up your bookfunnel GIVEAWAY (make sure it’s a giveaway page that collects subscribers AND gets them to opt-in) and you should get a good number!

What we CAN guarantee is what we’ve promised above – good service, fun prizes, and a different spin on something we all need!

Exposure to new readers!

Let’s get started! Any questions?

March 15 – April 14

Sci-Fi and Fantasy